Convertible floor lamp


  • Materials
    wood — ash tree, bamboo, metal
  • Light source
    LED spot 12 V, 5-7 W.
  • Dimensions
    Base: 210x230 mm
    Height: min – 580 mm, max – 1970 mm
    Сord length: 3000 mm

GIRAFFE — is not just a convertible floor lamp, GIRAFFE — is an art object, a dynamic minimalistic sculpture. It has participated in the Deutsch Design Week and acted in a movie.

It's perforated silouhette, transmitting the light, harmoniously fit into any interior. Cozy livingroom with a fireplace, stylish loft, kid's room or study — GIRAFFE becomes the perfect style-forming element. It is both functional and beautiful!

The structure of the lamp allows not just to change the silouhette of the object itself, but to illuminate the space in totally different angles. The ceiling lights can be turned off, and GIRAFFE would create a proper accent in the needed area or provide soft diffused lighting while pointing to the side… giving us a chance to have a totally fresh glance at this world. Though the GIRAFFE's eyes!

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