Table-floor transformer lamp


  • Materials
    ash wood, beech wood, mirrow plastic.

  • Dimensions
    height — 40 sm, diameter — 16 sm

  • Light source
    Spot bulb 5-7 W or orange bulb 3 W

  • Application
    Decorative lighting, additional light source, kids lamp.

The top three floors of the TOWER are rotatable: this allows to change the configuration of the object. Wooden blocks that «build up» the TOWER, softly reflect the light, make it even more lively. And the round mirrors, mounted in some of the «bricks» of the TOWER, are the source of the magical game of light. This makes the lamp a fairytale object. And object to play with. The lamp, which silouehette can be transformed. The lamp to provide the mysterious shades pattern and enchanting orange light. TOWER — is your own magical house tower.

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