• Materials
    Wood — ash, plastic

  • Dimensions
    Diameter 150 mm, height 750 mm

  • Light source
    Spot bulb 5-7 W or orange bulb 3 W

  • Application
    Decorative lighting, additional light source, bedside lamp.

This lamp reminds us of mysterious underground dungeons, hidden underneath the old magical castles... or even under the ruins of the magical castles — and the dwafs in the pointed hoods sneaking along them with the lanterns in their hands…

Even without the fairytale associations, THE LAMP, which character if formed by the radiant straight lines, is exemplary beautiful in it’s simplicity. THE LAMP has two light shades. Bitmap plastic distorts the light and makes it look like a candle flame behind the iced glass. White plastic provides the smooth matt light.

THE LAMP is easy to carry around and to be put on a table.

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