Floor & desk lamp



  • Materials

  • Dimensions

  • Light source
    Orange bulb 25 W

  • Application
    Decorative lighting, children night lights.

Despite its apparent simplicity, CUBE A is multifaceted:


Face 1 — cosy and mysterious golden light.

Face 2 — totally safe even for the smallest ones: the corners of CUBE A are rounded and the bulb is hidden inside, so it cannot be broken. At the same time it is safe to carry around, to be taken under the duvet, to be hidden in the pillow house.

Face 3 — is a toy-lamp.

Face 4 — can be both put to the floor or hung to the ceiling.

Face 5 — made of wood and finished by hand — warm, alive and smooth to the touch.

Face 6 — CUBE A can stand on any of it’s flat faces or on one of the peaks. 

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