Shade floor lamp



  • Materials
    Tree — ash, bamboo, vine

  • Dimensions
    Height 130 mm

  • Light source
    Opaque incandescent bulb, 25-40 W, dimmer

  • Application
    Decorative lighting, floor lamp.

The first CHIPPOLINO-JI was born in India. This fact sheds some light on the origins of it’s exotic name. The vine used for weaving the lightshade was made of bamboo at that time, and the stand — out of Indian acacia. When we came back to Russia we decided to replicate this miracle in our homeland environment — and we succeed!

The major interior mission of CHIPPOLINO-JI — is to turn every empty room into a magic gazebo. Besides soft decoraive light and mysterious patterns on the walls this floor lamp provides the bright light spot, very convenient for reading. Rotable lampshade allows to change the direction of light and the shaddow pattern. There is a built-in electric socket in the base of the lamp.

Addressing the person with the word «Ji» in India can be translated as «honorable», or «highly respected». Сonsidering CHIPPOLINO-JI  this is not just a formal politeness.

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