Double-sided floor & desk lamp



  • Materials
    Pinewood, milky acrylic, brass

  • Dimensions
    Diametr 200 mm, width 140 mm

  • Light source
    LED bulb 5 W

  • Application
    Decorative lighting, night light.

Lighthouse is the symbol of the navigation era, discovering new lands and meeting of different cultures. One side of the lamp presents the «Eastern» sign, the other — the «Western». ASTRAL LIGHTHOUSE is the symbol uniting East and West, two signature systems, always in contact, but never merging into one.

The collection consists of a few signature lamps and is constantly expanding. You can choose a prefab ASTRAL LIGHTHOUSE or order your own signature pair. The absence of symbols on ASTRAL LIGHTHOUSE’s sides — is a symbol itself.

Milky acrylic glass softly dissolves the light. Wooden body is aged by the brushing technique, toned and waxed. All this really amplifies the tactile sensation from interaction with the lamp. Some owners love, while sitting in the chair, to hold ASTRAL LIGHTHOUSE, stroking it’s textured sides and slowly flipping from East to West...

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