Floor & desk lamp



  • Materials
    Pinewood — brushed, waxed; stainless steel (the ring)

  • Dimensions
    Diametr 600 mm, base 135 mm

  • Cord length
    3 m

  • Weight
    2.4 kg

  • Light source
    LED bulb 5-7 W (E27 socket)
  • Application
    Decorative lighting, additional light source, bedside lamp, kids' night light.

Each of the 11 rings is freely spinning around the сommon axis. This allows to create infinitly variative silouhette of the lamp during the game or in the interior. Aged and waxed wood gives the maximum of tactile pleasure from interacting with the object.

The light flow is regulated by the rings' positions combinations, golden tint of the inner surface provides soft golden lighting. 

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