Tales of light

The workshop of conceptual lighting


Minimalism and brevity — are the key factors of our lamps's forms. But we always keep in mind their main purpose: to provide practical and atmospherical lighting that fills the space with «history».

Lamps by TALES of LIGHT easily fit in any interior and act as the style-forming accent of different environments. Whether it's the simple Scandinavian interior, mad fusion, ethno, loft, or straightforward classics — TALES of LIGHT lanterns are up for it!


Some of our lamps are specially «made for children», or «are suitable for children too». We have created the lanterns that not only illuminate and decorate the space, but also can become part of a very fascinating game.
In this — we see the basic nature of their functionality.

Nowadays, so oversaturated by material objects, it is very important for things that surround the child at home to be functional to the limit… Not just hanging on the walls, but able to create a very special, unique world — with the use of fantasy of course! That’s why we love making floor lamps, easy to carry around, easy to hold! They are totally safe even for the smallest ones! These lamps are the toys, the transfomers, the model kits.

Attention to details

We've aссumulated big experience in creating lighting objects and know how important the good fittings are. For many years we’ve been testing different materials and shapes — and have chosen only the best ones. And we never stop exploring.


We pay very close attention to the tactile sensation that our objects give. We make them from wood — warm, heavy, smooth or rough. We use different technologies of identifying its texture and always finish manually.

Alexey Krendel

TALES OF LIGHT creator and designer, participant of professional exhibitions in Europe and Russia, photoartist and yachtsman.

«I made my first lamp in the times of my youth, when I lived in one of Saint-Petersburg squats. My mission was very simple — to transform an empty room simply «decorated» by a mattress and a couple of speakers into a cozy space. Three laths and a dry palm leaf from the Taurian greenhouse (a famous place in the city) resolved the issue… Because for the interior design everything is secondary in comparison with the lighting direction!

Ever since, in many things that pass me by, I see a future lighting object. In almost 20 years of creating lamps I've tried so many forms, so many ideas, I’ve worked with different spaces and materials. During this period the incandescent bulbs managed to go into oblivion and LED-lamps replaced them! And still I feel as if I’ve just began. The search of beauty is infinite. This is what pleases me in my work the most.

The search for beauty is endless and this is what I like most in my work.